The Houhou was one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures that grace the mortal realm. They were ancient creatures, that existed even before the Fall of the Kami. It was believed they originated from the forest now known as Isawa Mori, and were named for the Tribe of Isawa that settled in the area and later became the Phoenix Clan. [1]

First Encounter Edit

It was said that when the Kami Shiba first traveled the lands in search for the shugenja Isawa he encountered the houhou in the forest and befriended them and they passed on their wisdom to him. [2]

Rebirth Edit

The Houhou were related to the fuschicho spirits that protected Tengoku from intruders. They were believed to be practically immortal, although they perished each sunset only to rise again the following sunrise. If killed the houhou rises again the following morning. There were no known ways to permanently destroy the houhou, and no honorable samurai would ever try. [2]

There were rumored to be some dark rituals known to the bloodspeakers that might destroy a houhou, similar to those used to kill the last ki-rin to create the Rain of Blood. If such a ritual existed the Phoenix Clan would stop at nothing to have any trace of it destroyed. [2]

Appearance Edit

Houhou 2


Houhou appeared as birds of brilliant flame, and the only parts of their body that seem at all solid are their talons, allowing them to perch upon objects without setting them alight. [2]

Phoenix Symbol Edit

The Houhou were the choosen symbol of the Phoenix Clan. The Council of Five sent important correspondence by Houhou. [3]

Return Edit

The houhou were said to have vanished altogether following Amaterasu’s death in 1132. [4] In 1168 the Phoenix were again at peace with themselves, and their ancient allies, the Houhou, returned. [5]

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