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Hotei was the Fortune of Contentment and one the Seven Fortunes. [1]

Appearance Edit

Hotei was the embodiment of serenity and peacefulness. He was a plump, happy character who made friends easily. Those cursed by him were out of place, ill-fitting in the dance of the elements. [2] Those who sought his blessings must first accept that their life could be endured and enjoyed; only then would his gift of serenity be bestowed upon them. [3]

Celestial Unrest Edit

In 1170 the seven fortunes supported the Jade Dragon and Obsidian Dragon when they challenged and defeated Yakamo, Lord Sun, and Hitomi, Lady Moon. [4]

Togashi ascends Edit

The Kami Togashi was a lawbreaker of the Celestial Order, a mortal whose soul remained in Ningen-do avoiding death. It drew the attention of the Seven Fortunes who judged his interaction illegal. Togashi eventually accepted their judgment and ascended to Tengoku. [5]

Known Sects Devoted to Hotei Edit

External Links Edit

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