Hoshi Tadao

Hoshi Tadao

Tamori Tadado was a shugenja of the Dragon Clan who joined the Order of Hoshi as Hoshi Tadao.

Hoshi's Ascension Edit

Tadao served in the Tamori Foundries researching new types of mitsugusuri. During the Dragon-Phoenix War he had a nightmare in which Togashi Hoshi left the mortal realm and was beset by armies of demons. The old shugenja journeyed to the High House of Light in the dead of the winter, an met Hoshi, who was preparing his ancension to Tengoku. [1]

Warnings to the Hoshi Edit

Tadao joined the Hoshi family, and since had acted as something of a go-between for the order and their missing founder. He received messages from Lord Hoshi, and his ability to communicate with him, made Tadao one of the most valued members of the Order. [1]

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