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Hoshi Masote

Hoshi Masote

Hoshi Masote was a tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan

Chaos to Harmony Edit

Hoshi Masote 1

Hoshi Masote

Masote's life was chaotic, random and empty prior to his joining the Hoshi family. Since he ascended into the Dragon mountains his ideals became focus, harmony and purity. He sought only perfect harmony with the world. In an order of monks noted for their steadfastness, Masote stood out as an example. His enlightenment came as no surprise. [1]

The Wanderer Edit

Mystic Waterfall

The Wanderer and Masote

Masote spent hours on end contemplating the Elements and honing his body into an amazing weapon in the Mystic Waterfall. In 1168 the Wanderer encountered Masote as he traversed the Empire and began to study with him. However, as with much else that he came to know the Wanderer ultimately decided that Masote's way could not. [1]

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