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Hoshi Maseru 
Hoshi Maseru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1154

Hoshi Maseru was a sohei of the Dragon Clan.

Siege of Sleeping Mountain Edit

Hoshi Maseru was a follower of Hoshi who stood beside the Naga army against Hitomi in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. [1]

New from inside Kyuden Hitomi Edit

Hoshi Maseru 2

Hoshi Maseru

Maseru was inside Kyuden Hitomi as part of a parley mission. He could see a tainted Hitomi sat on her ivory throne, in front of a bloody mirror, and a crystal prison with a Shadow inside, a man with no face. This information strenghtened the Naga attack on Kyuden Hitomi. [1]

Hunting Kokujin Edit

In 1154, was a part of a group of 40 sohei who attacked Kokujin on the Plains Above Evil. Of the forty, only Hoshi Kaelung returned to Shinden Hoshi. The exact fate of Maseru is unknown, altho he was most certainly killed. [2]

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