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Togashi Hoshi 
Togashi Hoshi 
Born: 238 
Died: 1159 (ascension) 
Parents: Togashi, Bayushi Kuninoko 
Siblings: None 
Spouse: Hoshi Eisai 
Children: Togashi Satsu 
Titles: Hoshi family founder, Dragon Clan Champion

Togashi Hoshi was the only child of the Kami Togashi. Hoshi had the ability, like his father, to take the form of a dragon. After the death of his father in 1128, the new Dragon Clan Champion Hitomi systematically destroyed or exiled the Togashi family. During this period, Hoshi sought refuge with the Brotherhood of Shinsei, whom he had strong ties with. Following the ascension of Hitomi in 1132, Hoshi took command of the Dragon Clan. Hoshi ascended to the heavens in 1159, becoming the Celestial Wanderer, over 700 years old at the time.

Mother Edit



Hoshi's mother, Bayushi Kuninoko, was the daughter of Bayushi Oshiso, the Scorpion Clan Champion in the third century. Oshiso had sent his daughter to spy on the Dragon Clan, and she did not return for the next seven years. When she did return, her hair bore streaks of white and she was completely blind, but she knew the Dragon Clan's secret. She told Oshiso that the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Kuzejiro was in fact the Kami Togashi, and that she had to return to Kyuden Togashi, because she was pregnant with Togashi's child. At first Oshiso did not wish to let his daughter return, but he realized that he had no choice, and she returned to the Dragon lands and gave birth to Hoshi [1] in the year 238. [2] His story was told in the Tale of Hoshi. [3]

Knowledge of his existence Edit

Only a few at any time knew of his existence. Of course, his father is one of them. Another is the highest ranking among the Bayushi family, most commonly the Scorpion Clan Champion. Also a very few of the Togashi order would be aware of his existence. [4] The Scorpion Clan spent countless centuries sending agents into the Dragon lands to discover the destiny of Kuninoko's child, and was able to finally discover Hoshi during the reign of Bayushi Shoju, in the late 11th century or the early 12th century. Shortly thereafter, Shoju departed for the Dragon lands and had a private conversation with Togashi. [5]

Appearance Edit

Togashi Hoshi 2

Togashi Hoshi

Hoshi has the ability to look like anyone. In his normal form however he is a huge, redskinned Rokugani from the waist up with the legs and body of a brilliant red dragon. He wears no clothing in his natural shape, and his eyes glow yellow like his father's. For his size, he can move uncannily fast and with a stealth that a ninja would envy. [4]

Duties Edit

Hoshi was his father's eyes in the world. Togashi would have him observe special events and deliver messages to specific people at certain times. When not doing this he would remain hidden in Kyuden Togashi. He had his father's shapechanging abilities, and never ventured out of Dragon lands in his natural form. He would often spy on his Scorpion cousins disguised as a beggar, and had numerous other guises to hide amongst the other courts and villages of Rokugan. [6]

Love of Secrets Edit

Like his mother, he loved secrets. He took great delight in learning as much hidden knowledge as he could, and the Scorpion Clan would be appalled to learn some of the things that he knew. [4]

Spotted Edit

In 1115 he moved to Shiro Mirumoto during the Imperial winter court. He was witnessed in his true form by the guest Shosuro Nimuri, who was quickly beheaded by the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Hitomi. [7]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Shortly after the Scorpion Coup in 1123, Hoshi wrote a letter to his father begging him to keep the Dragon Clan out of the events unfolding at the capital. Hoshi suspected the true motivations for Bayushi Shoju's actions, and felt the Dragon should allow the Scorpion, his mother's clan, to complete the task they had set before them. [8]

Disguised as a Scorpion Edit

During the Clan War Hoshi impersonated a retired Scorpion named Suisei. [9] He joined the Scorpion ronin Bayushi Tasu and his followers, who had abandoned the mad Soshi Bantaro, eager to resurrect Shoju. Suisei taught the group the bushi techniques he knew. Tasu and Suisei forged the band of exiles into an elite band of assassins specialized in destroying the creatures of the Shadowlands. [10]

Siege of Sleeping Mountain Edit

Togashi Hoshi 6

Hoshi left Hitomi's madness

In 1131 the Naga led by Qamar lay siege to the lower Dragon provinces. It was unknown to most why the Naga have done this, and their rampage destroyed three minor strongholds of the Dragon. [11]

Joining of the Brotherhood Edit

The naga were suddenly halted by the appearance of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. Many believed the Brotherhood were there to parley with the Naga to end hostilities, but when the Brotherhood, mostly former Togashi Ise Zumi led by Hoshi joined forces with the Naga, many were taken aback. [11] Hitomi's own brother, Mirumoto Daini chose to side with the Naga. [12]

Hoshi Family Edit

Togashi Hoshi 1

Hoshi granting tattoos

It becomes clear within weeks that Hoshi had also mastered the art of making Ise Zumi himself, and many of the Brotherhood swore fealty to the Hoshi name. [11]

Meeting Eisai Edit

Hoshi knew his future wife, Hoshi Eisai, in the Dragon mountains, while the Naga and the Brotherhood were allied against Hitomi. Hoshi considered her appearance a gift from his father, the Kami Togashi. [12]

Armor of Earth Edit

In 1132 the Oracle of Earth through the former Dragons Mitsu and Hoshi gifted the Armor of Earth, an Elemental Nemuranai crafted in 1127, to Otaku Xieng Chi. [13] They told her Otaku Kamoko, the disappeared Otaku Daimyo, was in danger. She was being hunted down in Phoenix lands by unspeakable evils. They believed it was Xieng Chi's destiny to save the soul of the Unicorn Thunder. [14]

Hidden Emperor Edit

In 1132 Hoshi, Mitsu, and Suana came to Morikage Forest seeking the kidnapped Emperor Toturi I. The Shadows were aware of their incoming, and sent his minions to attack them. Eisai appeared there while they were fighting the Goju. Suana believed they could do nothing more for the Emperor and it was time to escape. The four magically were transported out of the forest. [15]

Shiro Kitsuki Edit

Hoshi and the Qamar decided to seize Shiro Kitsuki [12] after the fall of Kyuden Agasha. [16] Despite of his efforts to surrender the castle without fight, a fierce combat began in the Fall of Shiro Kitsuki. The Brotherhood horrified with the bloodbath withdrew the Naga, but Hoshi remained. [17]

Shiro Mirumoto Edit

The third Dragon stronghold to fall was Shiro Mirumoto, where the Hitomi's followers took their lives to not surrender the castle. Hoshi and Qamar were horrified of the fanaticism of the Dragon loyalist. [18]

Naga Storms Mirumoto Mountain Edit

Hitomi twisted by the Obsidian Hand tried to use the knowledge of Shosuro, trapped in the Chamber of Crystal, but the result was the freedom of the Scorpion Thunder and the Lying Darkness began to expand. The Naga cut all the paths to Kyuden Hitomi. The siege lasted until 1132 when Toku commanded to take the Monkey Clan and end the fighting in Dragon lands. [19]

Dragon Champion Edit

Hoshi dueling Hitomi

Hoshi faced Hitomi

While the Naga and the Legions were distracted, Hoshi and his followers stormed Kyuden Hitomi. Bloodied, eyes filled with pain, Hoshi stepped at last into the court of the Dragon palace. Only a woman stands now between his claim and his father's throne. [20] Hitomi drew her swords and faced Togashi's son. [21] They attacked each other, [22] but suddenly Hitomi ceased the fight and walked away, leaving Hoshi to reclaim his father's throne. [23] [24] Hoshi had allowed Hitomi to win the duel, so when she had been prepared to kill the son of her clan's founder at the behest of a deranged outcast, Hitomi had begun to see the mistakes that had been made. [25] The new Champion vowed never again Dragon would fight Dragon. [26]

The Togashi Name Restored Edit

Upon the ascension of Hitomi to become Lady Moon the Togashi were reinstated as Togashi Hoshi claimed the leadership of the Dragon. In addition to the Togashi being restored those who swore to the Hoshi name were allowed to join the Dragon. Using wisdom learned from Hitomi, Hoshi prepared for the upcoming conflict with the Lying Darkness. [11]

War Against the Shadow Edit

Togashi Hoshi 3

Dragon Champion Togashi Hoshi

Shortly after Hoshi had a child, Yoshune, he led the Dragon Clan forces in the march to Volturnum [27] and promised to return. [28] Hoshi fought in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. Hitomi Kobai saw how Kokujin wielding the Togashi's Daisho was part of the Shadowlands army led by Akuma no Oni. The creatures blocked their way, but a group of nezumi had found a way through the oni lines, to proceed the race toward the troll city. Hoshi gave permission to Kobai for hunting and killing Kokujin. [29] With Hitomi's Last Gift, the ise zumi were driving back the Shadow at the Volturnum's gates. [30]

War of Spirits Edit

In 1138 the returned spirit Hantei XVI declared the War of Spirits upon Toturi I. The Dragon took little active part in the war thereafter, still recent the great schism Hitomi caused within their clan. [31] By keeping his clan mostly out of the War, it was prevented a number of Dragon spirits from swelling the Hantei's ranks, thereby subtly aiding Toturi's mortal forces. [32]

Family Edit

Celestial Wanderers

The Celestial Wanderers, Hoshi and Eisai

Hoshi married Hoshi Eisai and the couple later had a son, Togashi Yoshune [33] in 1132. Even at Yoshune's birth, Hoshi recognized the soul of his father within the infant. The soul of Togashi had returned. [34] His gempukku name would be Satsu as a favor for Hitomi, who before she left the clan had gifted the Dragon with the Hitomi's Last Gift. [27]

Yoshune would frequently run away into the mountains surrounding the Great Climb, and Hoshi would travel out and convince his son to return. During one such event in 1141, Hoshi explained to his son that he would have to take responsibility for his own actions. It was at this time that Yoshune revealed to his father the name he intended to take upon reaching his gempukku. He wished to take the name of Mirumoto Satsu, hoping that it would give him the wisdom for making difficult decisions. [35]

"You should not run away on these adventures, Yoshune. You will kill your mother with worry."

Celestial Sword Edit

When the Fortune of Steel, Xing Guo, returned to Rokugan after forging the Celestial Swords to be given to the Clan Champions, he appeared on Togashi Mountain and spoke to Hoshi privately. Since that day his son Satsu wielded a new blade. [36]

The Tamashii Edit

Togashi Hoshi 4

Togashi Hoshi

The revelation that Togashi Matsuo, a young boy orphaned during the War of Spirits, was a new tamashii opened up several questions that Hoshi could not answer. The Dragon Clan Champion sought out the legendary ise zumi Togashi Mitsu in 1156, finding the monk hiding from the world in Seikitsu Pass. Hoshi revealed to Mitsu the existance of Matsuo, and Mitsu agreed to take the young man on as his student. [37]

"My father once said that you had a great destiny, Mitsu-san. You are the one who assumed it would be to die for him. Perhaps he meant for you to live for him. Do not turn your back on us, old friend. Do not turn your back on Matsuo."

Four Winds Edit

Preparations of the Winter Court Edit

When the Four Winds issued invitations to the Emperor's Winter Court, the location of the court had left in the hands of the representatives of the Great Clans. [38] Hoshi proposed he would meet with whichever Wind found favor with the Dragon, and allow them to receive a gift of forewarning. [39]

Ascension Edit

Celestial Wanderer Edit

Hoshi and his wife ascended to the Celestial Heavens in 1159, [40] [41] becoming the Celestial Wanderer.

Choosing the new Leader Edit

All the Dragon Clan Daimyos were gathered to the High House of Light. Hoshi decided to appear during a brief time to give his clan Daimyos a mission: to choose the new Clan Champion. Mirumoto Uso, Kitsuki Mizuochi, Hitomi Kagetora and Tamori Shaitung, alongside with Hoshi's son, Togashi Satsu, should decide who was the most prepared for the duty. Hoshi must leave the Dragon and take his place among the Heavens, to not make the mistake Toturi Kaede made. [42]

Passing the Mantle Edit

In 1159 the leadership of the Dragon Clan passed to his son, Togashi Satsu.[citation needed]

Invasion of the Celestial Heavens Edit

The same year in the assault of Tengoku by Fu Leng the Fushicho led by Hoshi fought bravely against the Shadowlands horde. [43] In personal combat he fought The Maw. [44] In 1160 the invasion was halted when the words of Hantei Naseru tricked Fu Leng into distrusting Daigotsu, whose faith was the source of Fu Leng's power. [45] Taking advantage of this moment of weakness, Bishamon deprived Fu Leng of the Emma-O's Spear, and Hoshi pushed him back to the gates of Tengoku. Fu Leng was once again confronted by the Seven Thunders and decided to retreat. [46]

Hoshi Warning Edit

In 1165 the Celestial Wanderer returned to Ningen-do, to the village of Tsuma, which had been held the Topaz Champion this day. He told Doji Reju that three strangers conspired against their Lords. [47] Later some said Hoshi warned about the Gozoku conspiracy. [48] The advise he gave was instrumental in the defeat of the Ninube. [49]

See also Edit

Togashi Hoshi 5

Togashi Hoshi

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