RPG Information Edit

Hooded Ronin 3

The Hooded Ronin

The Hooded Ronin, Descendant of Shinsei

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Monk (Four Temples) / 5
Honor 2.7
Glory 1.3 (9.9 to those who recognize him as what he truly is)
Air 5 Earth 5 Fire 5 Water 5 Void 6
Reflexes 5 Stamina 5 Agility 5 Strength 5
Awareness 6 Willpower 6 Intelligence 7 Perception 6

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Kiho Edit

Heart of Stone, Rest, My Brother, Cleansing Spirit, Grasp the Earth Dragon, Musubi, Slap the Wave, Chi Protection, Purity of Shinsei, Way of the Willow, The Wind's Truth, The Great Silence, Flee the Darkness, Self, No Self, Unattunement, Happo Zashin.

Skills Edit

Atemi 3
Courtier 2
Defense 3
Etiquette 3
Fasting 4
Hand to Hand 4
History Shintao) 5
Kenjutsu 4
Kokyu 5
Lore: Brotherhood 5
Lore: Shinsei 5
Lore: Seven Thunders 5
Meditation 6
Music 3
Shintao 9
Zanji 6

Major References Edit

  • Time of the Void, pages 114-115

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