Born: Unknown 
Died: 1100 
Parents: Yoshitsune,
Siblings: Un-named brother,

Honzo was the eldest son of the Mantis Daimyo Yoshitsune [1] and his wife Kirei. He had two younger brothers, being the youngest Yoritomo. [2]

Illegal Trading Edit

In 1100 [3] Honzo found his father was trading with the gaijin, a forbidden activity by Imperial Decree. He hired an assassin, and asked the man to murder his father. He wanted the assassin to 'take Yoshitsune's place in all things'. Honzo expected to later murder the imposter and restoring his family's honor and taking the Championship. [4]

Death Edit

Gaijin sorcerers killed at night without mercy, with the acid of their hands and feet, leaving only white bone in their touchs. Honzo was killed with his own katana. The Storm Legion finally reached the gaijin and struck them down. [5] His father had been murdered, being secretly replaced by the assassin leader, a Rakshasa named Bishan the Watchful, who raised the lone survivor of the family, Yoritomo. [2]

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Secrets of the Mantis page 90 claims Honzo had been trading with the Ivory Kingdoms, and Yoshitsune had ordered him to cease.


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