The Honored Watch Castle was built by the Horiuchi family to watch over the Naga slumber and their home in the Shinomen Forest, assisting the Shinjo family and their scouts. [1]

Horiuchi Dojo Edit

Tradition Edit

The castle was the training ground of the Horiuchi Shugenja and Moto Shugenja schools. As young family the Horiuchi took few outsiders. The students added a representation of a Naga scale to their family mon. [2]

Training Edit

A sensei took three or four students and patroled with him the Shinomen since the first day of training. Wilderness lore, hunting, crafting Meishodo, and spellcraft were taught. The Horiuchi were a strange mix between friendly priest and grim combatant. [3]

Sensei Edit

They were appointed by the Horiuchi Daimyo. [3]

Known Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit

Iuchi Dojo Edit

Teaching after Destruction of the Horiuchi Edit

In 1171 the Empress Iweko I ordered the Horiuchi lands put to the torch to contain a plague and all within to be killed. As the family was a small one, all but a dozen Horiuchi (such as Horiuchi Rikako) were killed in the culling. [4]

Actual Dojo Edit

The Iuchi Shugenja took care of the dojo, and they were known the most adept at quickly and efficiently communicating information. The Death Priests school and the Moto Death Judge schools were taught there. [5]


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