Honor Bound was a Jade Legal expansion jade legal of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. It depicted the Empire with the Crab fighting a desperate battle against the Shadowlands, the Crane crash in civil war, and Hoshi becomes the new Dragon Clan Champion. Beyond Rokugan, the Shadow tears the spirits of the ancestors and the Kami Shinjo returns to Rokugan after her Awakening, alongside with the Scorpion Clan. The set introduced Sensei card type and also featured starters for the Crab Clan, Scorpion Clan, and Shadowlands. Included "Clan War Saga" foils reprinting older cards.

Preceded by:
Siege of Sleeping Mountain
Succeeded by:
Ambition's Debt

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A New Teacher Action Rare
A New Teacher-card
- Awakening Shakoki Dogu Action Rare
Awakening Shakoki Dogu-card
- Bandit Attack Action Common
Bandit Attack-card
- Bleeding the Elements Action Uncommon
Bleeding the Elements-card
- Burn It Down Action Common
Burn It Down-card
- Dark Bargains Action Uncommon
Dark Bargains-card
- Darkness beyond Darkness Action Uncommon
Darkness beyond Darkness-card
- Energy Terrain Action Common
Energy Terrain-card
- Face of the Nameless Action Rare
Face of the Nameless-card
- Flashing Blades Action Uncommon
Flashing Blades-card
- Force of Honor Action Common
Force of Honor-card
- Forest Fire Action Common
Forest Fire-card
- Forgotten Lesson Action Rare
Forgotten Lesson-card
- High Morale Action Common
High Morale-card
- Low Morale Action Common
Low Morale-card
- Moment of Brilliance Action Uncommon
Moment of Brilliance-card
- Mountains of the Phoenix Action Common
Mountains of the Phoenix-card
- Okura Is Released Action Common
Okura Is Released-card
- One Life, One Action Action Common
One Life, One Action-card
- Pincer Attack Action Common
Pincer Attack-card
- Pressure Action Common
- Rugged Ground Action Common
Rugged Ground-card
- Sabotage Action Uncommon
- Shinjo's Judgment Action Rare
Shinjo's Judgment-card
- Silent War Action Uncommon
Silent War-card
- Souls of the Betrayed Action Rare
Souls of the Betrayed-card
- Stress Action Uncommon
- Swordmaster Action Common
- The Emperor's Left Hand Action Uncommon
The Emperor's Left Hand-card
- The Emperor's Right Hand Action Uncommon
The Emperor's Right Hand-card
- The Empty Pyre Action Uncommon
The Empty Pyre-card
- The Head of My Enemy Action Rare
The Head of My Enemy-card
- Tiger's Teeth Action Uncommon
Tiger's Teeth-card
- Treachery and Deceit Action Rare
Treachery and Deceit-card
- Tribute to Your House Action Rare
Tribute to Your House-card
- Victory at Hiruma Castle Action Rare
Victory at Hiruma Castle-card
- Way of the Void Action Rare
Way of the Void-card
- Whistling Arrows Action Uncommon
Whistling Arrows-card
- Wide Terrain Action Uncommon
Wide Terrain-card
- Will of the Emperor Action Common
Will of the Emperor-card
- An Empty Victory Event Rare
An Empty Victory-card
- Bandit Raids Event Uncommon
Bandit Raids-card
- Benefices of the Emperor Event Rare
Benefices of the Emperor-card
- Famine Event Uncommon
- Hoshi's Challenge Event Uncommon
Hoshi's Challenge-card
- Kolat Duplicate Event Rare
Kolat Duplicate-card
- Monopoly Event Uncommon
- Monsoon Season Event Uncommon
Monsoon Season-card
- Return of the Kami Event Rare
Return of the Kami-card
- Slaughter of the Imperial Court Event Rare
Slaughter of the Imperial Court-card
- The Enemy of My Enemy Event Uncommon
The Enemy of My Enemy-card
- The Master of Five Event Rare
The Master of Five-card
- Torn from the Past Event Uncommon
Torn from the Past-card
- Yakamo's Funeral Event Rare
Yakamo's Funeral-card
- Command Staff Follower Uncommon
Command Staff-card
- Elite Pikemen Follower Common
Elite Pikemen-card
- Firestorm Legion Follower Rare
Firestorm Legion-card
- Goju Stalkers Follower Uncommon
Goju Stalkers-card
- Kenshinzen Follower Rare
- Kolat Apprentice Follower Rare
Kolat Apprentice-card
- Mercenaries Follower Common
- Oh-chi'chek Follower Common
- Akodo's "Leadership" Holding Rare
Akodo's Leadership-card
- Ancient Sage Holding Common
Ancient Sage-card
- Barricades Holding Common
- Builders Holding Common
- Deep Forest Holding Uncommon
Deep Forest-card
- Fortress of the Dragonfly Holding Common
Fortress of the Dragonfly-card
- Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding Uncommon
Kabuki Theater Troupe-card
- Kakita's "The Sword" Holding Rare
Kakita's The Sword-card
- Master of Bushido Holding Uncommon
Master of Bushido-card
- Temple of Blood Holding Common
Temple of Blood-card
- Temple to Shinsei Holding Uncommon
Temple to Shinsei-card
- The Kaiu Forge Holding Uncommon
The Kaiu Forge-card
- Trenches Holding Common
- Black Pearl Item Rare
Black Pearl-card
- Curse of the Rot Within Item Common
Curse of the Rot Within-card
- Dragon's Claw Katana Item Rare
Dragon's Claw Katana-card
- Gohei's Daisho Item Rare
Gohei's Daisho-card
- Hassuk's Golden Bow Item Common
Hassuk's Golden Bow-card
- Kaimetsu-Uo's Ono Item Common
Kaimetsu-Uo's Ono-card
- Lord Moon's Bones Item Rare
Lord Moon's Bones-card
- Mantis Fleet Item Common
Mantis Fleet-card
- Mirumoto's "Niten" Item Uncommon
Mirumoto's Niten-card
- Nunchaku Item Uncommon
- Sword of the Emerald Champion Item Rare
Sword of the Emerald Champion-card
- The False Tao Item Rare
The False Tao-card
- Blessing upon the Lands Kiho Common
Blessing upon the Lands-card
- Bloodstrike Kiho Rare
- Hitomi's Defeat Kiho Uncommon
Hitomi's Defeat-card
- Shurin Storms Kiho Rare
Shurin Storms-card
- Stain upon the Soul Kiho Uncommon
Stain upon the Soul-card
- Stars Scatter Kiho Uncommon
Stars Scatter-card
- The Wind's Truth Kiho Common
The Wind's Truth-card
- Within Your Soul Kiho Common
Within Your Soul-card
- Hida O-Ushi Experienced 3 Personality Fixed
Hida O-Ushi Exp3-card
- Hiruma Yugure Personality Common
Hiruma Yugure-card
- Hiruma Zunguri Personality Common
Hiruma Zunguri-card
- Kuni Yasashii Personality Common
Kuni Yasashii-card
- Rik'tik'tichek Personality Common
- Silence Personality Uncommon
- Daidoji Kedamono Personality Common
Daidoji Kedamono-card
- Kakita Kaiten Personality Uncommon
Kakita Kaiten-card
- Doji Adoka Personality Uncommon
Doji Adoka-card
- Hitomi Kagetora Personality Uncommon
Hitomi Kagetora-card
- Mirumoto Uso Personality Common
Mirumoto Uso-card
- Ikoma Ken'o Personality Uncommon
Ikoma Ken'o-card
- Kitsu Osen Personality Rare
Kitsu Osen-card
- Matsu Morishigi Personality Common
Matsu Morishigi-card
- Dashmar Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Dashmar Exp2-card
- Ghedai Personality Common
- Oseuth Personality Uncommon
- Isawa Norikazu Experienced Personality Rare
Isawa Norikazu Exp2-card
- Shiba Ningen Personality Uncommon
Shiba Ningen-card
- Shiba Raigen Personality Common
Shiba Raigen-card
- Iuchi Shahai Experienced Personality Rare
Iuchi Shahai Exp-card
- Moto Yesugai Personality Uncommon
Moto Yesugai-card
- Abresax Experienced Personality Rare
Abresax Exp-card
- Bayushi Eiyo Personality Common
Bayushi Eiyo-card
- Bayushi Goshiu Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Bayushi Goshiu Exp2-card
- Bayushi Hisa Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Bayushi Hisa Exp2-card
- Bayushi Kachiko Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Bayushi Kachiko Exp3-card
- Dairya Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Dairya Exp2-card
- Feydn Rafiq Personality Common
Feydn Rafiq-card
- Flameseeker Personality Common
- Hasame Experienced Personality Rare
Hasame Exp-card
- Hizuka Experienced Personality Rare
Hizuka Exp-card
- Hojyn Personality Uncommon
- Hoshi Wayan Experienced Personality Rare
Hoshi Wayan Exp-card
- Isawa Tanayama Personality Rare
Isawa Tanayama-card
- Kuni Yori Experienced 3 Personality Rare
Kuni Yori Exp3-card
- Moto Tsume Experienced Personality Rare
Moto Tsume Exp2-card
- Ninja Mimic Personality Uncommon
Ninja Mimic-card
- Ninja Mystic Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Ninja Mystic Exp2-card
- Nishiko Personality Rare
- Oni no Okura Personality Uncommon
Oni no Okura-card
- Otomo Yayu Personality Common
Otomo Yayu-card
- Porthungluin Personality Uncommon
- Rodrigo Personality Common
- Saigorei Personality Uncommon
- Seppun Nakao Personality Uncommon
Seppun Nakao-card
- Shosuro Taberu Experienced Personality Rare
Shosuro Taberu Exp-card
- Shosuro Taushui Personality Common
Shosuro Taushui-card
- Soshi Jomyako Personality Common
Soshi Jomyako-card
- Soshi Jujun Personality Common
Soshi Jujun-card
- Uragirimono Personality Common
- Yoritomo Denkyu Personality Common
Yoritomo Denkyu-card
- Yoritomo Komori Personality Uncommon
Yoritomo Komori-card
- Yoritomo Masasue Experienced Personality Rare
Yoritomo Masasue Exp-card
- Yoshun Personality Common
- Asako Provinces Region Common
Asako Provinces-card
- Palace of the Emerald Champion Region Rare
Palace of the Emerald Champion-card
- The Emperor's Lands Region Uncommon
The Emperor's Lands-card
- The Unquiet Grave of Hida Amoro Region Common
The Unquiet Grave of Hida Amoro-card
- Volcano Region Common
- Volturnum Region Rare
- Kaede Sensei Sensei Rare
Kaede Sensei-card
- Kisada Sensei Sensei Uncommon
Kisada Sensei-card
- Shoju Sensei Sensei Rare
Shoju Sensei-card
- Toshimoko Sensei Sensei Rare
Toshimoko Sensei-card
- Toturi Sensei Sensei Rare
Toturi Sensei-card
- Uji Sensei Sensei Uncommon
Uji Sensei-card
- Yokatsu Sensei Sensei Rare
Yokatsu Sensei-card
- Yokuni Sensei Sensei Uncommon
Yokuni Sensei-card
- Amnesia Spell Uncommon
- Fear's Bane Spell Common
Fear's Bane-card
- Gift of the Maker Spell Uncommon
Gift of the Maker-card
- Lord Moon's Smile Spell Rare
Lord Moon's Smile-card
- Thy Master's Will Spell Rare
Thy Master's Will-card
- Whispers of Twilight Spell Common
Whispers of Twilight-card
- Sepulcher of Bone Stronghold Fixed
Sepulcher of Bone-card
- The Citadel of the Hiruma Stronghold Fixed
The Citadel of the Hiruma-card
- The Towers of the Yogo Stronghold Fixed
The Towers of the Yogo-card

Reprinted Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Block Supply Lines Action Fixed
Block Supply Lines-card38
- Breach of Etiquette Action Fixed
Breach of Etiquette-card8
- Charge! Action Fixed
- Contentious Terrain Action Fixed
Contentious Terrain-card18
- Counterattack Action Fixed
- Deadly Ground Action Fixed
Deadly Ground-card19
- Dispersive Terrain Action Fixed
Dispersive Terrain-card13
- Diversionary Tactics Action Fixed
Diversionary Tactics-card13
- Entrapping Terrain Action Fixed
Entrapping Terrain-card20
- Frenzy Action Fixed
- Iaijutsu Challenge Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Challenge-card18
- Iaijutsu Duel Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Duel-card22
- Kolat Assassin Action Fixed
Kolat Assassin-card13
- Nemesis Action Fixed
- Night Battle Action Fixed
Night Battle-card6
- Rallying Cry Action Fixed
Rallying Cry-card16
- Stand Firm Action Fixed
Stand Firm-card5
- Superior Tactics Action Fixed
Superior Tactics-card16
- Test of Might Action Fixed
Test of Might-card12
- Glimpse of the Unicorn Event Fixed
Glimpse of the Unicorn-card12
- Hurricane Event Fixed
- There Is No Hope Event Fixed
There Is No Hope-card
- Heavy Infantry Follower Fixed
Heavy Infantry-card22
- Light Infantry Follower Fixed
Light Infantry-card29
- Medium Infantry Follower Fixed
Medium Infantry-card32
- Skeletal Troops Follower Fixed
Skeletal Troops-card15
- Swamp Spirits Follower Fixed
Swamp Spirits-card5
- Zombie Troops Follower Fixed
Zombie Troops-card9
- Black Market Holding Fixed
Black Market-card7
- Blacksmiths Holding Fixed
- Bushi Dojo Holding Fixed
Bushi Dojo-card13
- Corrupt Geisha House Holding Fixed
Corrupt Geisha House-card4
- Corrupted Iron Mine Holding Fixed
Corrupted Iron Mine-card6
- Corrupted Silver Mine Holding Fixed
Corrupted Silver Mine-card6
- Forest Holding Fixed
- Gambling House Holding Fixed
Gambling House-card10
- Geisha House Holding Fixed
Geisha House-card22
- Iron Mine Holding Fixed
Iron Mine-card19
- Jade Works Holding Fixed
Jade Works-card33
- Master Smith Holding Fixed
Master Smith-card7
- Sanctified Temple Holding Fixed
Sanctified Temple-card28
- Small Farm Holding Fixed
Small Farm-card38
- Bloodsword Item Fixed
- Naginata Item Fixed
- No-Dachi Item Fixed
- Tetsubo Item Fixed
No Image
- Fist of the Earth Kiho Fixed
Fist of the Earth-card9
- Kaze-do Kiho Fixed
- Strength of My Ancestors Kiho Fixed
Strength of My Ancestors-card12
- Hida Tadashiro Personality Fixed
Hida Tadashiro-card5
- Hida Unari Personality Fixed
Hida Unari-card5
- Hiruma Yoshi Personality Fixed
Hiruma Yoshi-card5
- Yasuki Nokatsu Personality Fixed
No Image
- Bayushi Aramoro Personality Fixed
Bayushi Aramoro-card6
- Bayushi Hisa Personality Fixed
Bayushi Hisa-card6
- Goblin Wizard Personality Fixed
Goblin Wizard-card7
- Moto Sada Personality Fixed
Moto Sada-card3
- Moto Tsume Personality Fixed
Moto Tsume-card7
- Ogre Bushi Personality Fixed
Ogre Bushi-card14
- Toku Personality Fixed
- Farmlands Region Fixed
- Mountain Pass Region Fixed
Mountain Pass-card5
- Ring of Earth Ring Fixed
Ring of Earth-card26
- Ring of the Void Ring Fixed
Ring of the Void-card26