Honor's Veil

Honor's Veil

Honor's Veil (I-1) was the first of "I", or intrigue series adventure module published for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. The "I" series presents Game Masters and players with stories of intrigue, espionage and mystery, where a samurai's wits can be more valuable than his skill with a sword.

Credits Edit

  • Cover Artwork by Rob Alexander
  • Interior Artwork by Cris Dornaus and Jennifer Mahr
  • Maps by KC Lancaster
  • Artwork Prepress: Cris Dornaus and Steve Hough
  • Line Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Interior Layout: D.J. Trindle

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (page 3) Edit

Murder at Kyotei Castle (page 5) Edit

Doji Retsu

Tsume Retsu, the victim

Honor's Veil (page 22) Edit

Hachi and Kujiko

Hachi and Kujiko, the lovers

Venom (page 36) Edit

Shosuro Hametsu 4

Shosuro Hametsu, Poison Master

Characters and Maps (page 42) Edit