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Hondo no Yari, the tallest and strongest building in the Military District of the Second City, was the Second City Commander's strognhold. Named after Daidoji Hondo and his predilection for spears, it was situated directly south of the Imperial District. [1]

Purpose Edit

Hondo no Yari was designed as a fortress, with undergorund atorage rooms, and also as a rallying point in the case the city was under attack. In time of peace it was used for the officers of the city to discuss assignments and strategies, as a place to hold meetings, and the top floors of the six-story structure housed the highest ranked officers. The first floor was used as a stables and could house several hundred soldiers. The higher stories had archery slits and few siege engines on balconies; defenders could use a communication system using large colored fans to convey messages to the rest of the District. [1]


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