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Homare, or Glory, was the Easter Enchanted Wall of Otosan Uchi, lying along the border of the Kanjo district. The Isawa placed golden kanji on its surface naming every person who died on it, bonding their spirits. When the wall was assaulted the spirits combated the foe. The wall became a religious icon and temples rose on both sides of it. [1] The wall was pierced by the main gate into the Ekohikei. [2]

History Edit

War Against Fu Leng Edit

In the year 42 it was first assaulted during the Battle of Four Winds the Oni Lord Gamu no Oni was defeated by the defenders with the aid of the spirits of the fallen. [3]

Battle of White Stag Edit

In 442 the Easter wall was damaged by cannon fire in the Battle of White Stag. [1]

Second Day of Thunder Edit

In the 9th day of the Month of the Ox of 1128, the united Great Clans confronted the loyalist armies of the possessed Emperor Hantei XXXIX and the Yogo Junzo's Army. The Asahina Shugenja prepared a ritual to commune with the wall's spirits, and informed them of the situation in the city. The wall buckled and opened to allow the Crane access. The Tainted defenders of the wall were crushed to the last man by the Daidoji, during the Second Day of Thunder. [4]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 the Imperial City suffered the assault of Daigotsu's forces, and later was put to the torch by the Lion Clan. The gold kanji were tarnished almost to black, and the Shadowlands Taint driven mad the spirits bound to the wall. [5]

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