Hokori no Oni was a cunning and tricskter oni of the Shadowlands.

Go Player Edit

Hokori no Oni met a Crab unit in the Shadowlands. The samurai commander knew that they were doomed and was surprised when the oni challenged him to a game of go, offering its own life if he lost a single game. In exchange the Oni would claim one of the commander's men for every game it won. Game by game the Crab commander was defeated, and each time one of his men dissolved into one of the pieces on the board. The commander was the last to become trapped in the go set. [1]

Armies of Hokori Edit

The spirits of the Crab and his men, the Armies of Hokori, remain trapped in the pieces, their spirits writhing in eternal torment. Each successive owner succumbed to the raving words of the fallen Crab bushi. The only way to release the spirits was to track down Hokori no Oni and destroy it. [1]

Karada district Edit

In the 12th century the Armies of Hokori haunted Hida Ryokai, Karada district's governor at the time, who eventually committed seppuku and was buried with the board. In 1120 a tree sprouted from the site of Ryokai's grave, growing at an abnormal rate. The tree's bark had grown old and brittle, cracking into the shape of a go board. The Armies of Hokori began to haunt the new governor and Ryokai's son, Hida Reitaan. [2]


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