Please note: This article is about the pirate and founder of the Suitengu's Children. For other uses of the term, please see Hokitare (disambiguation).
Born: 1125 
Died: Unknown

Hokitare was one of the five original founders of the smuggler cartel Suitengu's Children.

Pirate Edit

Hokitare was a crew member of the Twisted Cricket, a pirate ship. He was one of the only five survivors after the ship was hunted and destroyed by the Mantis Clan Champion, Yoritomo Kumiko. The group reached an isolated island, where they worked to create a suitable vessel for their escape. Hokitare was instrumental in their success, as he had been an apprentice to a shipwright. They also managed to salvage some amount of the Cricket's cargo from the sea to fund their new enterprise. [1]

Smuggler Leader Edit

They created a brotherhood, Suitengu's Children, named after the Fortune of Sea, Suitengu, who had not only spared their lives but favored them with his blessings. They began a life as smugglers, and in the years since that time, the five captains expanded their operation to over a dozen ships. [1]

Retired Edit

Hokitare had commanded one of the vessels of the Children, but in 1165, at the age of forty he retired from first line of action. He chose Miyuko as his replacement as captain of his ship, the Poisoned Blossom. He worked into the small warehouse the group maintained on the Suitengu's Throne island, which he had expanded to a comfortable if incomplete port with the knowldge he had gained when young in the Kaiu shipwright. [2]


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