Hojatsu's Legacy Style

Hojatsu's Legacy Style

Hojatsu's Legacy were trained in the niten style developed by Mirumoto Hojatsu's students. Together, they trained and refined the techniques their sensei had taught them. [1] It was taught in the secluded Soul of the Dragon Dojo, its secret guarded from potential enemies. [2]

Tradition Edit

Hojatsu's Legacy were the elite of the Dragon's duelists, despite they had not as large a reputation, like their Kenshinzen counterparts. Only those Dragon who excelled in the niten style while they were trained in the Mirumoto Bushi or Swordmaster schools might be invited to join. [1]

Sensei Edit

After Hojatsu's death in his duel against Kakita, his students decided to re-evaluate the techniques their sensei had used and look for ways to improve them. Sensei of Hojatsu's Legacy always encouraged their students to question the style and to propose alternative styles. [1]

Known Techniques Edit

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