Hohiro (Harrier)

Hohiro (Harrier)

Daidoji Hohiro was a harrier of the Crane Clan who was tainted and became Hohiro.

Training Edit

Hohiro was trained at Shiro Giji, the secretive dojo of the harriers. After his gempukku in 1155 he was selected by his sensei to be appointed in the Imperial Legions.

Legionnaire Edit

Hohiro was a rank of the Sixth Legion, and with his fellow Daidoji Iwane patrolled the southernmost regions of Phoenix lands, where several tribes of yobanjin had united and swept south from the mountains to lay siege to the Phoenix lands. They tracked down ten yobanjin, and prepared an ambush in one side of the river that was at the bottom of the Treacherous Pass. When the barbarians were crossing the river, one of them found something and the group stopped. An arrow killed one of them, fired by a Tsuruchi Magistrate, and the surprise was lost. Several yobanjin were killed, but other fled.

Tainted Edit

Somehow Hohiro became tainted in 1157 while in these mountains, and remained there the next years.

Empress's Seal Edit

In 1165 Hohiro was met by Doji Jotaro, taisa of the First Legion. He had been sent by the Crane Clan Champion, Doji Kurohito, himself. Jotaro was not noticed of the taint that Hohiro carried, but his behaviour was bizarre for a samurai, from time to time. Both came to the mountains where they met Bajan, leader of the Mountain Wind Tribe. They brokered a deal where the Crane Clan would aid Bajan's tribe with food and supplies as well as a few Daidoji warriors so that they could rebuild and be protected from the Yobanjin who fell to the Rain of Blood. The Yobanjin offered Jotaro the Empress' Seal, lost in 1111 after the kidnapping and death of Hantei Hochiahime, which his tribe had recovered decades earlier. Jotaro readily accepted so that the Crane could present the seal to Emperor's bride, Toturi Kurako and gain great favor in the Imperial Court.

Aftermath Edit

Hohiro refused the appoinment made by the Crane to command a small unit to return to aid the Yobanjin. He warned Jotaro to not met him again, Hohiro had no wish to kill him.

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