Hogosha family 
Patron family: Yoritomo family 
Clan: Mantis Clan 
Founded: 1137 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Hogosha family was a vassal family of the Yoritomo.

Yoritomo Hogosha Edit

Yoritomo Hogosha was a Mantis courtier who played a key role in holding the Imperial Courts together during the chaotic times of the War Against the Darkness. Hogosha was dead in 1132 during the slaughter of the Imperial Court ordered by the maddened Emperor Toturi I. He was rewarded for his deeds by the creation of his own vassal family in 1137, instated by Yoritomo Aramasu. [1]

Duty and Holdings Edit

The Hogosha were a small family dedicated to the ways of court and diplomacy, and most of the clan's senior diplomats (as well as the sensei of the Yoritomo Courtier School) were drawn from their ranks. [2] Their ancestral home, the Hogosha Estates, were located on the outskirts of Yasuki Yashiki, with Sacred Truth Home in the Noble Quarter at Ryoko Owari Toshi as the only other significant holding. In 1159 their ranks counted around thirty adult members. [1]

Hogosha Daimyo Edit

Yoritomo Yoyonagi's brother (c. 1168)

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