Hoete Arashi Hata Jirushi 
Hoete Arashi Hata Jirushi
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Un-named Lion's Pride
Currently in the possession of: Crane Clan

The Ancestral Standard of the Lion, also known as the Banner of the Roaring Tempest, [1] was the J'uma Jirushi nemuranai of the Lion Clan. [2]

Appearance Edit

It was a wooden pole ten feet high, with a four foot horizontal crossbar from which hanged the ancient mon of the Lion clan, above that of the Matsu family. The Banner of the Roaring Tempest got its name from the noise that emanated from it, the sound of a pride of roaring lions mixed with the rumble of a distant storm. [1]

Abilities Edit

The banner made the Lion nearby immune to fear, and enhanced their abilities in combat. The enemies of the Banner's wearer suffered fear from it. [3]

History Edit

Second Rise of Iuchiban Edit

In the Battle of Sleeping River the bravery of an anonymous Matsu member of the Lion's Pride, allowed her sisters to maintain the line against the focused attack of the undead hordes of Iuchiban, allowing the Empire's victory. The Matsu battle standard died from her numerous wounds and her spirit infused the ancient banner. The Lion's Pride maintained and repaired it since. [1] [4]

Captured Edit

In 1166, during the War of the Rich Frog, the Lion Ancestral Standard was captured by the Unicorn Clan. The Standard was finally returned after the death of the Unicorn Khan, Moto Chagatai, in the year 1170, as part of a treaty of reconciliation between the two clans. [5]

Captured Again Edit

The standard was returned to the Lion, but in 1200 it was seized again, this time by the Crane. An Akodo Honor Guard was passing through Shiro no Yojin on their way to meet with the main forces gathering at the Hall of Ancestors. They were at the castle when the Crane attacked and stormed it. [6]

External Links Edit

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