Hitsu Taekeru was a small city on the Cran side of the border of the Lion and Crane Clans.

Founding Edit

The village was founded by the Hantei XVI armies during the War of Spirits as a supply point. Many Phoenix farmers were forced to make the long journey to live there. [1]

Crane Ownership Edit

After the War ended the Crane took over ownership of the village. It became a place where the shamed and forgotten among the ranks of the Crane were sent to be forgotten. Despite this stigma, Hitsu Taekeru developed quite swiftly from a village to the ranks of a small city. [1]

Rain of Blood Edit

In 1165 the village suffered from the Rain of Blood, and almost every samurai in the village was affected by it. These samurai started to show a dishonest behavior, bullying the peasants and fighting all day. Eventually, the peasants of the village finally decided to take matters into their own hands and killed the samurai. The Crane did not take care of the town, and no new Crane bushi were sent. [1]

Attacks on Lion patrols Edit

In 1166 Lion patrols were attacked, and Akodo Tekkan seized the city claiming its unprotected state was a danger to the Lion border. The Crane took the incident seriously and it could start a new war between the Clans. [1]

Lion Ownership Edit

Akodo Setai sent Akodo Ieshige, the hero of the Fires of Toshi Ranbo, to resolve the incident. The peasantry had felt betrayed, first by the Phoenix when they were taken by Hantei XVI, then by they Hantei when he was defeated and finally by the Crane after they abandoned the city after the Rain of Blood. When Ieshige and his assistant Ikoma Kusari reached the city, the gunso Akodo Sadahige was in command. Tekkan, Kitsu Juniko, and others had been murdered by a unknown city stalker. With news of the death of Kusari's betrothed, Setai arranged for the marriage of Kusari with the Crane Clan Champion's daughter, Doji Domotai. Ieshige put Kusari in charge of the city until his wedding when the Crane would give the city to the Lion as a wedding gift to solidify the marriage. All these factors allowed the Lion to stay in the Crane city as well as avoid the beginnings of a peasant revolt that was bolstered by the shadow assailant. They did not know that Yajinden was in the city commanding the heimin and the murdering. [1]

Bloodspeaker Activity Edit

The murders had been provoked by the presence of Yajinden, Iuchiban's lieutenant. He had engineered the attacks and the murders, using the heimin that already had been proven that they able to kill samurai if needed. His intention was to provoke a peasant revolt over all Rokugan that would aid the goals of his master, and Hitsu Taekeru was selected as the starting point of it. [1]


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