Hitsu-do was an internal fire kiho which inflated the Fire in the monk's body, causing his hands, eyes, and weapons to light up with flame. The price of its power was steep, and the kiho shut down if the monk was knocked unconscious. [1]

Founder Edit

It was claimed that the monk Hitsu, a former Lion samurai, developed it to take revenge of those who forced his retirement. He destroyed the man who caused his failure in combat, only to realize that he had ignored his own failings, allowing a lie to grow in his soul. Once he left his rage out of his soul, the ability to reach his Fire chi became much simpler, and those students who held on to the same hatred and rage he once had embraced were not able to achieve the same feats he was. [2]

Tradition Edit

Hitsu-do 2


Hitsu-do was an extremely offensive martial art which focused on speed and power, striking with punches and kicks that committed all of the practitioner's strength and held nothing back. It called for strikes that will disable or incapacitate, if not outright kill the opponent. For this reason Hitsu-do tournaments were rare. [3]

Known Technique Edit

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