Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named farmer

Hitotsu was a monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei who proclaimed himself the Herald of Thunder, the true prophet of Osano-Wo, the Thunderer.

Appearance Edit

Hitotsu was a hulking monk with burn scars all over his hands and his face, wrapped in the traditional white scarf of the sohei warrior monks. He used to had a bisento strapped across his back. [1]

Prophet Edit

Visions Edit

Born the child of a farmer, Hitotsu joined the monastery of Osano-Wo after his first vision at age six guided him to the doors of a monastery in Roaring Thunder Village. Naturally gifted in the arts of war, Hitotsu grew to be a very large man, and his intensely charismatic attitude won him the respect of his fellow monks. [2]

Doomed Dojo Edit

His constant visions led him to proclaim himself as the Herald of Thunder, a prophet of Osano-Wo. The nearby Dojo of a Hundred Stances was the training grounds of different clans who attempted to become its sensei to gain access to the most secret scrolls of the dojo. Hitotsu received a vision, in which Osano-Wo had grown angry at the petty squabbles of the clans and their lack of devotion on what was his sacred land. The presence of the Dojo angered the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, and it must therefore be removed before his wrath inflicted terrible destruction. Hitotsu gathered several followers and marched to the dojo, requesting the samurai to evacuate and then destroy the building. Most samurai dismissed him as a lunatic, so Hitotsu returned to the monastery. Unrest spreaded among the samurai, and duels erupted over the theological issue. [1]

Dojo Burned Edit

Upon his return, Hitotsu displaced the abbot, Zanchu, and he was appointed as the new leader of the monastery. Mantis samurai in the dojo had sided with Hitotsu's wishes, and a force of monks had followed him there to join his cause. The next day Hitotsu returned to the dojo with his followers, challenging the samurai to death, one on one. Eventually Hitotsu was the last one left to fight, killing the dojo's champion and sensei. The monks retreated because their lack of total victory meant they had failed. In the night a fire spread over the building, and the Dojo was in chaos. [3]

Storming the Dojo Edit

The next day Hitotsu led an army, and stormed the dojo. The defenders eventually managed to throw back the assault but not without severe losses. The assailants had attempted to kill the Seppun administrator, Seppun Osokawa, but failed. Hitotsu eventually launched an all-out assault on the Dojo, while a storm with thunder and lightning raking the skies. The defenders managed to win the day, and Hitotsu's fate was unknown. [4]

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