Hitomi family


Clan: Dragon Clan 
Founded: 1128 
Daimyo: None

The Hitomi family was founded by Hitomi, the second Dragon Thunder.

Founding Edit

The Hitomi family were founded in 1128 when Hitomi had assumed leadership of the Dragon Clan following the death of Togashi Yokuni. [1] In 1129 she demanded that the Togashi swear fealty to her name or be executed or banished from the Dragon Clan. [2] Hitomi renamed Kyuden Togashi Kyuden Hitomi, and she took up residency there. [3]

Role Edit

The Hitomi embraced the philosophy of attaining enlightenment through physical and mental hardship. Members of this order sought out impossible challenges through which to prove their worth, which gave them a reputation for violence. The Kikage Zumi bore tattoos that increased the wearer's strength, inspired powerful rage, or controlled shadows. [4]

Lady Moon Edit

Upon the ascension of Hitomi as Lady Moon, a person who gained her favor spontaneously developed kikage zumi tattoos. In most cases they were already monks serving in the High House of Light. Rarely, even non-Dragons joined the Hitomi after they were blessed by Lady Moon, arrived to Kyuden Hitomi and were immediately granted the Hitomi name. [4]

Decimated Edit

When the armies of the clans marched toward Volturnum during the War Against Shadow, Hitomi spoke from the Heavens. Hitomi Kagetora chose his six most trusted warriors Hitomi Reju, Hitomi Akuai, Hitomi Kobai, Hitomi Bujun, Hitomi Pukku, and Hitomi Kazaq, and they were forced by Lady Moon to remain behind, not to join their brethren at Volturnum. In the Battle of Oblivion's Gate the Hitomi sacrificed themselves to gain the battle against the Shadow. They thrown their bodies against the Goju, and combined their tattoo magic in an explosive, suicidal display. The seven were all that were left of the family, and they began to rebuild their ranks. [5]

Troubles Edit

The Hitomi family was growing in members slowly, until the year 1168 when the Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Satsu detected an imbalance within both the Hoshi family and the Hitomi. [6] The orders' connection to their patrons, both Lady Moon and the Celestial Wanderer, was the source of their ailment. A direct connection to the Heavens such as that created by pure divine blood was too much for the mortal soul to bear without being adversely affected. In 1169 Satsu announced the unification of the three families in the Togashi family, and began tattooing the members of the Hoshi and Hitomi with his own blood in an attempt to restore the balance. [7]

Hitomi Daimyo Edit

The following are the known daimyo of the Hitomi family:

Hitomi 1128 - 1132
Hitomi Kagetora 1133 - 1169

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