Hitomi Dajan

Hitomi Dajan

Hitomi Dajan was a Monk of the Dragon Clan.

Forewarning about the Fall of the Moon Edit

Dajan informed their brethren about the next movements of Hitomi. His Lady would take the secrets of the captured Shadow and would leave Kyuden Hitomi, to seek her own path to the Celestial Heavens. The success would be seen when the Moon fell from the sky. [1]

Dragon Stand United Edit

Upon the ascension of Hitomi to become Lady Moon the Togashi were reinstated as Togashi Hoshi claimed the leadership of the Dragon. In addition to the Togashi being restored those who swore to the Hoshi name were allowed to join the Dragon. Using wisdom learned from Hitomi, Hoshi prepared for the upcoming conflict with the Lying Darkness. [2] Dajan told Hoshi the Lady had asked them to serve him. [3]

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