Hitomi's Last Gift
Last Gift
Created by: Hitomi
First used by: Ise Zumi
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Hitomi's Last Gift was a warm stone gifted by Hitomi to the infant Togashi Satsu shortly after his birth. [1] A similar item was gifted by Hitomi to Dangai, which would be needed by Ryoshun, the Tenth Kami.

Appearance Edit

It could be held in an adult's hand, cupped in the palm like a child's toy. Yet its glow was so bright that no form could be seen, and it was so light to carry that no edges or weight could be felt. [2]

War against Shadow Edit

The complete abilities of the stone was not clear, but since that day the Ise Zumi who died in combat against the Shadow had their bodies flared into brilliant light, forcing the minions of the Lying Darkness to retreat. It was very useful in the march to Volturnum and the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. [3] Togashi Hoshi was aware of it before the Dragon began the battle. [4]

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