Hitofu was a ronin bushi hero in the 12th century.

Training Edit

Hitofu was a student of Kyome, who taught him the Blade of Nanashi's Eyes Kata. [1]

Hired assassin Edit

In 1172 Hitofu was hired by agents of the Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen to murder a ronin criminal. The ramson was one hundred koku and a position in the Emerald Magistrates, an extravagant price. He followed the tracks of the ronin who was alongside a child. After five days they eventually was confronted by his prey near Three Fish Village. They showed their stance, and Hitofu recognized the man as Kakita Noritoshi, a Kenshinzen and Jimen's nemesis. The appearance of a zombie mob heading toward the village halted the duel. The duelists pondered about the situation, and Noritoshi refused to defend the village, focusing his acts in a greater being, the destruction of Jimen. Hitofu departed to fight against the undead. [1] The fate of Hitofu was unknown.

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