Hito city 2

Hito district

The Hito district was the Northern of the four inner districts, the Ekohikei, of Otosan Uchi. It was crossed by the River of the Sun and it sgovernor was commonly from the Lion Clan. [1]

Military presence Edit

The Hito district was heavily militarized, as expected from a district controlled by two of the more martial Great Clans, the Lion and Unicorn Clans. It had the larger standing force of the Ekohikei. [2]

Scorpion Coup Edit

The district was hardest hit; nearly every building and over half of the territory's residents were lost during the Scorpion Coup, first because of the fights between Unicorn and Lion against the Scorpion, and second when the Battle Maiden and Berserker reinforcements witnessed the destruction left behind by the Scorpion, they became unmanageable and consequently inflicted nearly as much damage themselves. [3]

Notable Locations Edit

Most notably located here was the Temple to the Kami, a shugenja site. Oddly enough, this area did not house the Phoenix embassy but instead, the Unicorn Embassy, western Lion embassy, and Fox Clan Embassy. [4]


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