Tsi Hitai was a weaponsmith of the ronin Tsi family who left his family as Hitai.

Appearance Edit

Hitai was a giant with a clean-shaven head, who seemed perpetually distracted, intent only upon his work. [1]

Tsi Family Edit

A few weeks after his gempukku he obeyed the Crab officer he served, instead saving the life of his true love. His betrothed died a horrible death, and he never recovered. When he discovered that the lord he served was a dishonorable, corrupt man, he killed him and disappeared in the night. [1]

Ronin Edit

Hitai moved to Ninkatoshi, and run the Souls of Honor, the most prestigious smithy in the city. He was famed throughout the Akodo provinces as a bladesmith. However, his true love had cursed him with her dying breath and one in every ten weapons that Hitai crafted was cursed, bringing pain and suffering to those who bore it. [1]


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