Hisham was an owner of a carpet shop in Medinaat al-Salaam. He also was a secret practicer of magic arts, related with healing techniques. [1]

Sahir Edit

To use magic in the Jewel had been forbidden by the Immortal Caliph, under death penalty, performed by her Khadi's guard. [2]

Glass Eye Edit

In 1130 Hisham used a glass eye as replacement for the lost eye of a explorer, Aziz. It was not clear if Hisham knew the artifact was the Glass Eye of Qaliq, and which powere it bore. [3] Hisham told Aziz he would see forever. [4]

The Robber Edit

In the Abdul-Rafi's inn Hisham exposed an individual known as the Robber to the Khadi's guard. The robber was imprisoned to be executed. [5]

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