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Hisatu-Kesu (U22)

Hisatu-Kesu (U22) was a mountain city just on the border of Shiro Iuchi, in the Kaihi province. [1] Built into the foothills this sprawling village spans many miles in every direction. After the destruction of Beiden Pass it became a popular destination for tourists on their way to Ryoko Owari Toshi. Even with Iuchi Pass and Seikitsu Pass the village still drew many visitors to see it's numerous hotsprings. [2]

Mountain Resort Edit

The city's popularity came from the steam vents that were spread throughout the mountain and under the city. The steam baths of Hisatu-Kesu hosted many nobles from all clans every year. Following the Great Crater's creation, the mountain resort had begun to increase in opulence, popularity, and corruption. [3] The Fortieth Junghar Legion was posted  just outside the city walls. [4]

Den of Corruption Edit

Northern Owari was named due to the resemblance it bore to Ryoko Owari, the center of illicit activities, criminal influence, and corruption in Hisatu-Kesu. A known criminal cartel, led by a man known as Honesty-sama, was formed in the rough neighborhood. [5]


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