Born: Unknown 
Parents: Hayosai

Hisao was a ronin duelist.

Demeanor Edit

Hisao was a philosopher and a warrior. A puzzle and an answer. [1]

Heritage Edit

He was the son of Hayosai, and the grandson of Asuma. [2] He could trace his lineage back three generations of masterless samurai.

Service to the Lion Edit

Like many ronin, Hisao often served as a mercenary. He fought alongside the Lion Clan at the Fall of Shiro Moto in 1170. During the fight he saved the life of Matsu Daro, the Lion master rider who served as yojimbo to the courier Matsu Yoshike. After this, he accepted an assignment from Ikoma Uchito to serve as yojimbo to wounded Yoshike while he traveled to Kyuden Ikoma with Daro, who was healthy enough for the travel. [2] Daro died in another minor skirmish, this one with the Scorpion. Hisao killed the Scorpion bushi that struck down his friend and master, then delivered Daro's swords to the Lion. When the ronin presented his master's swords, he was immediately accused of being Daro's killer. The confusion was eventually cleared up when Daro's wife confirmed Hisao’s identity. [3]

Iuchi Pass Edit

In 1172 Hisao was selected by Gahseng, member of the Empress' Guard and adjunct of the Shogun, to lead the Imperial forces that would guard the Iuchi Pass. Hisao had met Gahseng during their wanderings as wave man. [4]

Famous Edit

The tales of Hisao extended over Rokugan, depicted as a swordsman of almost unparalleled skill. When he arrived to Kyuden Kurogane-Hana the Ikoma Bard Ikoma Kazue was appointed to make an inspired speech in his honor. [5] Hisao had been wandered across Rokugan, visiting the shrines and resting places of great heroes of the Empire. [3]

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