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Hiruma Yugure 
Hiruma Yugure 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Berserker 
Siblings: Several un-named sisters 
Children: Hiruma Gondo

Hiruma Yugure was an avenger and berserker of the Crane Clan.

Station Edit

Son of a berserker Yugure was never a particularly skilled warrior and he was incredibly unlucky as well. [1] He lived in the Quiet Wind Plain and in 1125 passed his gempukku and he was stationed at the Kaiu Wall leaving behind his sisters. Alongside Hiruma Kage and Hida Tampako he defended the wall against the attack of a marauding oni of feline face. [2] He seemed to have an uncanny tendency for drawing the attacks of the Shadowlands to the area he was defending. Strange things, such as food supplies going rotten or water barrels springing leaks, frequently occurred in his presence. Yugure gained fame as a cursed man. [1]

Razor's Edge Edit

Yugure led the Dead-Eyes Berserkers to form the Dojo of the Razor's Edge following the corruption and death of Hida Amoro in 1127. [3] He disliked the nezumi. [4]

Station in the Twilight Mountains Edit

As tales of his curse spread, Hida O-Ushi intervened, and sent him away from the wall. [1] In 1132 Yugure was stationed on the Twilight Mountains, north to the Crab lands, near the lands once were owned by the disappeared Boar Clan. He knew the tale of the Ghost of the Twilight Mountains, who gained all the fame about the disappeared peasants, the blood tracks and any destruction would happen in the area. Yugure became sick of these strange and bloody events, and requested his return to the safer Kaiu Wall fighting the Shadowlands. [5]

Race to Volturnum Edit

In 1133 the Crab were ready to march toward Volturnum with the rest of the Empire forces, but Yugure sought a way to avoid an encounter with Akuma no Oni and his army. The oni was blocking the straight way to the troll city [6] as a part of the alliance Kuni Yori had reached with the Shadow. [7] When the Lion Clan and the Crab went deep in the Shadowlands toward Volturnum, Yugure advised to not cross the Fields of the Dead. [8]

Fighting the Shadowlands Edit

During the War of Spirits period the Crab were more busy warring the Shadowlands. Yugure fought in the Battle of Drowned Honor where many Hiruma died drowned under the wasters of the Black Finger River [9] when they followed the Jade Champion Kuni Utagu while chasing the wicked Mohai. [10]

Children Edit

Yugure had a son, Hiruma Gondo. [11]

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