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Hiruma Yoshi 
Hiruma Yoshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Children: Hiruma Kage 
Titles: Hiruma Daimyo

Hiruma Yoshi was the father of Hiruma Kage and daimyo of the Hiruma family. Yoshi retired early, relinquishing the position to Kage. He became an advisor for his son. [1]

Clan War Edit

In 1125 the Crab army march north in their quest for power against the Hantei, leaving a token guard in the Kaiu Wall. Yoshi sent a letter to Kage counseling to seek support in the nezumi Third Whisker Tribe. [2] During the Clan Wars, Yoshi's advice was very much sought, both by Kage and Hida Kisada. Despite this, Hiruma Yoshi had second thoughts about the whole strategy followed by the Crab Clan, mostly because of the alliance with the Shadowlands. He was so worried that the Crab Clan would end serving Fu Leng instead of the Empire that he advised his son to abandon the Crab Clan if this would turn true. [3]

Assaulting Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1127 Yoshi was part of the Crab fleet which sailed along the coast at mdinight, guided by fires lighted by Hiruma Scouts near the shoreline, allowing a safely trip to the vessels toward Otosan Uchi. [4] They disembarked in the Golden Sun Bay circumventing the Lion troops stationed in the Plain of Fast Troubles. The Crab vessels blockaded the bay, in the called Kisada's Blockade. [5]

Return Edit

Yoshi later came out of retirement after the death of his son in 1128 in the Second Day of Thunder [6] to once again lead the Hiruma family in the retaking of Kyuden Hiruma alongside the naga in 1130. [7]

Hida O-Ushi Edit

In 1132 Yoshi had the honor of presiding over the coronation of Hida O-Ushi as the Crab Clan Champion. [8]

Shiro Heichi Edit

Yoshi was aware of strange signs near the ruins of the Boar Clan Palace, Shiro Heichi. The minions of the Shadow openly began to walk the Twilight Mountains. The Crab forces in that area were removed. [9]

Death Edit

Yoshi was one of the Crab who were at the Hiruma Castle when they were surrounded by a shadowlands army. Yoshi was the commander of the castle when Hida Yakamo left it to seek reinforcements. Yoshi almost gave his soul to Kuni Yori so that Yori would spare the Hiruma family in exchange of the life of Yakamo. At the same time were in sight the Crab reinforcements led by Hida Yasamura and Hida O-Ushi, Yoshi tried to kill Yori with jade. The servants of the tainted Kuni killed Yoshi in return. His ashes were buried within the walls of Kyuden Hiruma, out of respect for Yoshi's valiant fight to reclaim the castle from the Shadowlands. [7] [10] The Hiruma Daimyo had sacrificed his life to buy the Crab enough time for the Lion to come to their aid. [11]

After death Edit

Hiruma Yoshi 2

Yoshi no Shiryo

In 1172 Yoshi was alongside Shiba Ujimitsu in the fields of Yomi seeing the Destroyer War. Ujimitsu was concerned how deep the Destroyers had penetrated the Empire. His heart was rejoiced with the honor and bravado shown by Shiba Jinzaburo in the field against the yobanjin Army of Fire. [12]

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Preceded by:
Hiruma Daimyo
? - 1126
Succeeded by:
Hiruma Kage
Preceded by:
Hiruma Kage
Hiruma Daimyo
1128 - 1132
Succeeded by:
Hiruma Zunguri


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