Hiruma Uchiki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 774

Hiruma Uchiki was a student of the last surviving member of the Ancestral Hiruma school, Hiruma Sokokai. Uchiki could only learn the basics of the kata Flowers on Unattainable Heights before Sokokai died in 755. [1]

Struggling with the Ancestral Hiruma lessons Edit

Uchiki did not master the kata, and tried the Hummingbird Wings technique with two swords rather than empty-handed to get more insight, unsuccessfully. In 770 his student Hiruma Masamori died in a duel, the lessons got from Uchiki were not enough to defeat his opponent. Despite Uchiki had studied Sokokai's teachings his whole life, he knew them all by memory. Uchiki accepted he could teach nothing and refuised any more students. [2]

Lost Ancestral Hiruma Techniques Edit

In 773 a tortured goblin told that Hiruma's okuden, the Ancestral Hiruma Techniques, had been passsed by a traitor surviving Hiruma to the Shadowlands. [2]

Death Edit

Uchiki's journal was found, and its last entry was dated in 774, when he would try to convince his former kin, who had been raised as zombies, to return back the scrolls to the Hiruma. [2]


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