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Hiruma Tsuneko was a Crab Clan samurai-ko. Tsuneko was known as a bizarre woman who only bathed when she remembered to and always spoke her mind. [1]

Siege of Kyuden Hiruma Edit

During the Siege of Kyuden Hiruma, Tsuneko was rescued from death by the spirit of Hida Sukune. A group of Tsunkeko's Nezumi allies saw this, misinterpreted Sukune's glowing aura and bestowed the name A-wat'Itchr'foo-s'stch'ch, or Sun's-Chosen-Daughter-Warrior upon Tsuneko. Tsuneko had been severly injured too far from Kyuden Hiruma so the nezumi took her to their warren to recuperate. Knowing that the Crab would assume she was killed, she decided to use the opportunity to study the Nezumi until 1133, when she then returned to her family. Tsuneko was given free rein to come and go in Ratling lands as she pleased, no human since Hiruma Kazuma had ever been on such good terms with the Nezumi. [1]

Blue Fur Warren Edit

Tsuneko was accompanying a breakaway group of the Crippled Bone Tribe nezumi in 1157 when they encountered a squad of Hiruma who had just laid claim to an abandoned warren. As the nezumi desired the warren for themselves, a conflict seemed inevitable. Tsuneko was able to keep the situation from escalating and worked out an agreement whereby the newly-named Blue Fur Warren would be shared by both Crab and Nezumi. Tsuneko was made ruler of the new warren, but decided not to share the news of its arrangement with any other tribes, lest they become offended. [1]

Nezumi Conflicts Edit

Asako Hirariko and Yoee'trr were traveling through the Shadowlands they came upon the remains of the Tattered Ear Tribe which had been slain by another nezumi tribe. The two were taken to the Crippled Bone Tribe led by Nir'um'tuk, and Tsuneko was with the nezumi. They then went to see the shaman Te'tik'kir about the mysterious killings. Yoee'trr's deductive reasoning led the gathered nezumi to understand that an unknown tribe of nezumi, who were no longer nezumi, had been behind the attack on the Tattered Ear. [2]


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