Hiruma Tatsuzo

Hiruma Tatsuzo

Hiruma Tatsuzo was a Crab Clan samurai. He was an enemy of Voitagi.

Appearance Edit

Tatsuzo was a cold, dispassionate black eyes, large warrior, with bits of withered undergrowth tucked into his headband and a torn, camouflaged cloth hung from his armor. His face was weathered and scarred. [1]

Twenty Goblins Winter Edit

In 1160 Tatsuzo under the command of Hida Benjiro attended ambitious ronin seeking to gain fealty to the Crab in a Twenty Goblin Winter which had been edicted by Hida Kuroda two years ago. [1] During a patrol in the Shadowlands alonsgside Benjiro and Hiruma Ashihei, they saw a Shadowlands army of undead, goblin and Lost marching toward Shinsei's Last Hope. [2]

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