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Hiruma Tama 
Hiruma Tama 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1171

Hiruma Tama was a Crab Clan samurai and scout.

War in the Shadowlands Edit

In 1166 the Oni Lord and the Onisu believed the time of demons serving mortals was at an end, and attacked the Lost. A subtly war in the Shadowlands began. [1] The tainted humans followers of Bushido and the Crab Clan shared a common enemy, and sometimes their path crossed. One of these days Daigotsu Meguro saved Tama's life from a demon. The corrupted bushi bowed and gone. [2]

Friendship Edit

Tama was good friends with Hida Fubatsu and Hiruma Aya. Aya had joined the recently recreated Hiruma Bushi school in 1169, but Fubatsu's petition was refused. [3]

War of the Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 during the War of Dark Fire, Tama rescued Hiruma Todori from Yobanjin invaders in Michita Yasumi. Todori wanted to sacrifice himself so that the Yobanjin could not steal anything from the Kanjiro Library. The Dark Oracle of Fire was seeking sensible information and he believed it would be there. Tama knocked Todori out and burned the library down around himself instead. Tama's wife had died in childbirth, so his shame disobeying the Hiruma Daimyo died with him. [4]

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