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Hiruma Sumiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Early 12th century 
Spouse: Un-named Hiruma 
Children: Hiruma Eikihiro

Kuni Sumiko was a Kuni Shugenja who married a Hiruma, taking the name Hiruma Sumiko. She was killed by Zenkai no Oni. [1]

Death Edit

Sumiko lived at Kashinto Mura, a village which had an ancient scroll written by Kuni Mokuna himself. Kashinto Mura was razed to the ground by Zenkai no Oni, which seized the parchemnt, killing those who lived at the village. The only survivor was a boy by the name Hiruma Eikihiro, Sumiko's son. [2]

After Death Edit

Sumiko became a yorei, a ghost who would chase revenge against the oni. In 1126 she eventually met Hiruma Osuno, the Oracle of Earth, who helped Sumiko in her quest when she used the only question allowed to ask to any Oracle. In such a way Sumiko moved inside the Shadowlands, knowing her son, currently a Hiruma Scout, would arrive where she was waiting. [3]

Meeting her Son Edit

Eikihiro approached Sumiko, and questioned her strange presence within the Shadowlands. The couple returned to the Castle of Axe, which had become Eikihiro's home after he orphaned. [4]

Castle of Axe Edit

When they arrived to the castle it was in ruins, set ablaze by the same oni which destroyed Kashinto Mura. Many defenders laid dead, but Eikihiro found alive and wounded the castle's Lord, Hida Saburo, who told an aged parchment had been found by another scout days ago. The scroll recorded the secret of Zenkai no Oni's undoing, and it had been hidden beneath the statue of Osano-Wo. Eikihiro hurried to seize it, and immediately Sumiko requested the scout to pass her the scroll. Eikihiro, who found her behaviour bizarre, knocked Sumiko down, giving the parchment to Saburo. [5]

Zenkai, the oni of destruction, the fire breather. Neither jade nor crystal nor steel shall harm him. His black heart will only be pierced by the blood of its victim, wielded by its own without hesitation.
-Kuni Mokuna's Scroll [6]

Second Death Edit

Once Saburo hold the scroll he turned into the oni, which had disguised as part of a clever plan to obtain Kuni Mokuna's knowledge. Removing the scroll the oni would be safe from destruction. To the oni's dismay, Eikihiro had understood the cryptic instruction Mokuna had written. The scout beheaded Sumiko, who turned into smoke, and while her blood was pouring in Eikihiro's weapon, her son struck the oni's chest, destroying it. The Oracle of Earth appeared shortly after, explaining to Eikihiro the complete history of his mother. [6]


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