Hiruma Todori 4

Hiruma Todori, a Hiruma Stalker

Hiruma Stalkers were a sect of the Hiruma Scout school that operated much like ninja. A Stalker could find the weakness in any target. The Stalkers were veteran scouts trained to infiltrate the Shadowlands and assassinate powerful monsters or Lost. They had developed an ability to resist the Taint. The Stalkers had been used against ordinary human targets at times as well. [1] [2]

Tactics Edit

The Stalkers were a small and extremely fast unit noted for their pragmatism in combat. [3]

Known Technique Edit

Destroyer War Edit

The Hiruma Daimyo Hiruma Todori commanded the Stalkers in battle during the Destroyer War. [4] In 1172 they were dispatched from the front lines to the peninsula near Earthquake Fish Bay in order to deal with peasant revolts. [3] Later a joint force of the Hiruma Stalkers, the Kitsuki Justicars, and the Ikoma Wardens were moving through the region where the Mountains of Regret were located. They aided a detachment of the ronin Legion of Two Thousand who was being assaulted by an unseen enemy through Earth magic. The arrival of the combined force halted the attack. [5] Near the Ruins of Otosan Uchi they managed to scuttle a ship of the Destroyers with a Centuriae unit still aboard. [6] Another naval group was tracked by Hiruma Toshio into the outer edges of Lion territory. The Hiruma Stalkers intercepted and destroyed them. [7] Refugees from Crab lands attacked on some minor Unicorn holdings in order to procure the supplies to survive. The Stalkers moved into the region and executed them. [8] The Stalker were again aiding the Legion of Two Thousand in the Battle at the Palace of the Breaking Dawn, defeating the forces of the ronin tyrant Karatsu and his allies, the forces of the Dark Oracle of Fire Chosai. [9]

Dojo Edit


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