Hiruma Sawai

Hiruma Sawai

Hiruma Sawai was a bushi and scout of the Crab Clan who was appointed in the Colonies. He became a believer of the Fudoism, [1] under the guidance of Mukudori. [2] Sawai spread the Fudo teachings among their companions, as Kaiu Okaru. [3]

Purge of Fudoism Edit

Sawai had led several Crab expeditions against the Fudoists, using his tracking skills to root them out. These attempts had not proven as successful as his Lord Kuni Renyu had hoped; many of the Fudoists had been warned ahead of time, escaping by mere minutes. After the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime was restored to her station, she relinquished their duties with the Fudo to the Dragon Clan. Sawai dared to make objections about Renyu's actions during the Siege of the Second City and he was immediately dismissed, ordered to return to the Empire. [4] He was unknown that Renyu knew his true allegiances, and that he had dispatched Hiruma Hikazu to follow him. [5]

Captured Edit

His friend Togashi Ango knew that Sawai had been once interested in the Fudo teachings, and that he was not one of those criminals who razed the city during the Age of Madness. Ango gave Sawai travel papers, allowing him to leave the city, despite the Dragon had been ordered to chase the Fudoists. [5] Sawai was captured and exposed to the Ivory Court, as a failure of the Dragon duties. Th Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime ordered the Dragon to relinquish their immigration records to the Scorpion for review. [6]

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