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Hiruma Rikiya

Hiruma Rikiya

Hiruma Rikiya was a Crab Clan Scout.

Daylight Castle Edit

Rikiya was stationed as a guard of Shiro Hiruma, where he met the Hiruma Daimyo Hiruma Todori, Kaiu Tasuku. From the walls they saw a scout trying to arrive the castle, pursued by hundreds of goblins. A Crane visiting the castle, Doji Gombei, leaped onto his horse and rushed for the bushi, saved him before the bakemono reached them. [1]

Fighting Iuchiban Edit

Rikiya used unorthodox tactics to cause damage to the Bloodspeakers, using the truce Daigotsu had offered to the Crab as a tool. When a band of Lost scouts were pursued by Bloodspeakers, Rikiya offered them sanctuary in Lone Candle Keep. On several occasions he dispatched his soldiers to the territory near the City of the Lost, where Iuchiban's Bloodspeakers could detect the presence of those without Taint. These Hiruma would lead the Bloodspeakers into ambushes prepared by Daigotsu's followers. He had given surplus grain intended for Crab soldiers to Daigotsu's Lost. These actions led directly to the deaths of many Bloodspeakers. [2]

Kisada's Return Edit

In 1166 Rezan, the poet and returned spirit that had been willingly joined Daigotsu's ranks to fight Iuchiban, contacted Rikiya. The ronin told him that a soul of a dead hero would return to live at Oblivion's Gate with the means to defeat Iuchiban. Rikiya passed the message to his Clan, and a group of Crab led by Hiruma Todori aided in the return of Hida Kisada, the Great Bear. [2]

Confessions Edit

When Rikiya learned Kisada were the returned hero, his example in the Clan War made him doubt what he had done. Rikiya confessed because he felt Kisada would not approve of his actions. He was imprisoned in Kyuden Hida waiting his execution as a traitor. All of the scouts, all of the men who aided him, felt that Rikiya was right in what he did and kept his secret. When he stepped forward, so did they. They had promised that they would share whatever punishment he faced. If he was executed, over one hundred Crab bushi would follow him into death. The Hiruma could not endure such a weakening of their defenses and Rikiya remained alive imprisoned. [2]

Joining Kisada's quest Edit

When Kisada knew of Rikiya and his action the Great Bear requested Rikiya to join his quest. Or the Hiruma succeed and Iuchiban would be death, or he would die in the quest. In either case, he would atone his sins as a true Crab. [2]

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