Hiruma Rik'tik'tichek 
Hiruma Rik'tik'tichek 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Ashi and many others

Rik'tik'tichek was a Nezumi of the Crippled Bone Tribe. [1]

Pups Edit

Rik'tik'tichek had several pups. Ashi was his ninth. [2]

Hiruma family Edit

Hiruma Rik'tik'tichek 2

Hiruma Rik'tik'tichek

Rik'tik'tichek for his valor in combat was taken into the Crab Clan by Hida O-Ushi [3] within the Hiruma family, becoming Hiruma Rik'tik'tichek. [4]

Transcendet Edit

Rik'tik'tichek became a Wikki'thich-hie, a trascendent who guided his descendants, as the founder and first Chieftain of the Blue Fur Tribe, Kch'ay-Bur. [1] The killer of the onisu Kyofu, Yoee'trr, was the son's son of Rik'tik'tichek. [5]

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