Hiruma Renzo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Hiruma Iniko

Hiruma Renzo was an artisan of the Crab Clan.

Gakka Province Edit

Renzo was renowned for his ma paintings. He became a darling of one of the Imperial Winter Court, and made a work depicting his disapproval of the impending war between the Scorpion and Lion for the control of Gakka province. [1] His older sister Hiruma Iniko, who had been betrothed to an important courtier, Ikoma Jun, for political reasons. When the battles had begun between Lion and Scorpion, Iniko openly admitted she spied for the Scorpion, feeding them information from her betrothed. His sister was willing the Crab to engage in war. Her actions would force Ikoma Jun to respond and the Crab might be forced to enter the fray. Renzo sent correspondence to a long-time Doji ally, with the hopes to contain the bloodshed. [2] Eventually, Doji Seiyami goaded the Scorpion rikugunshokan Bayushi Kiwadoi into a duel, who was killed by Seiyami's champion, a Kenshinzen. [3] Kiwadoi's brother, Bayushi Konitsu, took command, and the suddenly prominent warrior chose Seiyami as his betrothed. [4]


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