Hiruma Otoru was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Unwilling Guests of the Lair Edit

Otoru and his companion Kuni Aoki in the late 8th century became unwilling guests of the Lair, a secretive valley of the Boar Clan in the Twilight Mountains, which had been cutt off from the rest of the Emerald Empire since the destruction of the Minor Clan to preserve its heritage by the first Heichi Jomei. [1]

Investigation Edit

Otoru and Aoki became involved in the searches for missing Boar samurai, students of the Heichi Dojo, who were found wandering the slopes of mountain Regret days later. An incident with the leading sensei had been reported before these vanishments began; Heichi Kommei had disappeared for four weeks, and when he was found, the revered sensei seemed to be unable to recognize his kin. [1]

Shadowspawns Exposed Edit

The pair of Crab stumbled across a group of faceless warriors within the Eiko no Mori who attacked them. They escaped and Aoki was able to indentify Heichi Kommei as the leader of the shadowy coven based on his voice and mannerisms. The Boar daimyo, known as the Jomei, refused to believe the outsiders over the word of his trusted friend and confidant Kemmei. This opinion turned after a pack of strange assassins failed to kill Aoki and Otoru. Kemmei was never found, he had simply vanished, alongside with his faceless students. Kuni Aoki and Hiruma Otoru spent their remaining years searching fruitlessly for Kommei and his victims. [1]


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