Hiruma Osuno 
Hiruma Osuno 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200 
Titles: Oracle of Earth

Hiruma Osuno was a Samurai of the Crab Clan, and later became the Oracle of Earth.

Scorpion Coup Edit

Hiruma Osuno 2

Hiruma Osuno

Osuno was stationed at the Kaiu Wall when Hida Kisada marched against Otosan Uchi during the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Oracle of Earth Edit

Osuno became the Oracle of Earth. In 1126 he appeared at Shiro no Ono, that had been set ablaze by Zenkai no Oni and in turn killed by Hiruma Eikihiro. [2] Other sources said that Osuno was one of the many samurai who sought Toturi I, the hidden Emperor. While on search, an unknown tower was found, lying hidden in a small valley of brambles and thorns. On the floor laid, bleeding, the Oracle of Earth, who raised their hand, reaching out and touching Osuno's hand. [3]

Memories as Mortal Fading Edit

Like many of his predecessors, he retained little to no knowledge of his time as a mortal. [4] Osuno as Oracle first lived in Shiro Heichi [5] and later in a tower within the Twilight Mountains created from tightly woven vines, the Tower of Vines. [6]

Appearence Edit

Osuno was a grim statue only vaguely shaped like a man, his features blocky and misshapen. His body was slate grey with veins of bright green spread throughout. He would sit in a massive throne also formed from vines, the snaking roots and tendrils piercing and merging with his body, merging his limbs with the earthy substance of the throne. [7]

Flight of the Dragons Edit

In 1127 during the Clan War, several Black Scrolls were opened, disturbing the Celestial Order. The Elemental Dragons withdrew from Rokugan and their Oracles went into hiding. The Oracles of Darkness twisted the power of a different element releasing the Elemental Terrors, whose spawn appeared elsewhere. Decided to counteract their corrupted counterparts, Asako Shingon and Iuchi Yogosha were brought to create a set of Elemental Nemuranai. The Oracles rested knowing the balance had been achieved. [8]

Aiding the Scorpion Edit

Osuno aided Soshi Tishi in his hunt for a maho-tsukai who had been plaguing the Soshi southern farm­lands. [9]

Bayushi Kwanchai Edit

As a reward for his aid Tishi would gift Osuno with a crystal mempo, but the Soshi delayed it for a time, as the travel to Osuno's residence was nearly suicidal, as the mountains were plagued by Shadowlands creatures, restless gaki, or wandering beasts. Eventually Bayushi Kwanchai, a clumsy and stupid student of Tishis's dojo, was tasked to deliver the mempo, which he performed without any dangerous encounter. The Oracle of Earth greeted Kwanchai with typical aloofness, causing Kwanchai to grumble, "When will I earn the respect I deserve?" As any mortal who asked an Oracle the embittered bushi got his answer. Osuno told him to journey to the Shinomen Forest, near the Naga city Iyotisha. There dwelled Bayushi tangen, the sensei who would lead Kwanchai to greatness. [9]

Sezaru Edit

In 1159 [10] Osuno was met by Isawa Sezaru, during the Wolf's quest to speak with the Oracles, to determine who killed his father. After giving Sezaru some answers, the Oracle fled when it noticed the presence of Daigotsu in the body of the onisu Yokubo. [7]

Blessings to the Crab Edit

In 1160 he appeared to pay his respects to the newly finished castle at Kaiu Shiro, to place his blessings upon the fortress. [11]

Elemental Nemuranai Edit

During Fu Leng's assault to the Celestial Heavens, the Celestial Order was in serious jeopardy. To maintain ihe balance, the Heavens withdrew their influence from Ningen-do, bringing the Oracles of Light, with them. Before the Oracles departed, and for the second time in history, the Oracles came together to craft an Elemental Nemuranai of such potency that a single mortal could turn the tide against the darkness. [12] Osuno crafted the Anvil of Earth. [13]

Death Edit

In 1200 the Oracles of Light held a Conclave, but it was Mirumoto Saori who attended it as Oracle of Earth. She boasted her station had been seized instead to be granted, so Osuno was presumed dead. [14]

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Preceded by:
Oracle of Earth
(c. 1126) - 1200
Succeeded by:
Mirumoto Saori


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