Hiruma Moshiro

Hiruma Moshiro

Hiruma Moshiro was a Crab Clan samurai and scout.

Kyuden Hiruma Edit

In 1170, while stationed at Kyuden Hiruma, Moshiro saw a massive explosion in the Shadowlands. What exactly the explosion portended was not yet known. [1] He suffered nightmares since he watched the great ball of fire that erupted from deep in the Shadowlands and streaked through the sky to the north. [2]

Demons fleeing Edit

In 1171 a massive force of large and lesser oni, Ogres, trolls, and goblins approached to the castle, and the Hiruma stood to face their sure destruction. They broke into flanks, half of the beasts flowed past on the west side and the other half on the east. By the time the horde had passed the castle leaving in completely untouched, the Hiruma stood confused. The demons were fleeing [2] from something more dangerous.

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