Hiruma Makasu 
Hiruma Makasu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1118

Hiruma Makasu was a minor daimyo of the Crab Clan. [1]

Station Edit

Makasu was appointed at Shiro Kuni as the Commander of the Guard, [2] and during ten years directed its activities. He was a brilliant, demanding, and cunning general, beloved by the men under his orders. [1]

Madness Edit

Makasu executing a frightened defender of Shiro Kuni

Makasu executing a frightened fortress defender

His post at the Wall had taken a toll on Makasu, and the horrors he had seen shattered his mind. His temper became more violent, and his memory started to slip, which eventually led him into madness. [1]

Failed patrol Edit

In 1118 [3] a patrol led by Makasu himself was ambushed, and many of its members injured. A group of samurai led by Hida Shiroi, Hida Kisada's nephew, managed to get them back to the fortress. Once inside Makasu claimed all of the credit for saving the patrol. [4] Makasu felt guilty because he had survived when other members of his family had died, therefore he developed a strong death wish. [5]

Reaching collapse Edit

Makasu sent several patrols to confirm his guess that a Shadowlands army was massing to attack the Wall, but the few survivors who returned did not bring the news Makasu expected. He began to question the survivors, even to the death, and one of the scout was strangled by Makasu when he reported no heavy Shadowlands activity. His closest advisors feared their commander was on the verge of collapsing. [6]

Fortress assaulted Edit

The group of samurai were sent on patrol duty, and they discovered a massive Shadowlands army preparing for an assault. Made bold by the erratic behavior of the patrols and the apparent lack of vigilance on the part of the Crab defenders, the creatures had gathered for battle. Under siege, Makasu completely insane by his bloodlust, prepared to initiate a suicidal counterattack, which only was prevented by the intervention of the personal forces of the Crab Clan Champion. [4]

Death Edit

Makasu planned a mutiny, to force Kisada and the Crab to fight the Shadowlands ’without hiding behind walls’. He attempted to open the main gates at the height of the battle, [4] but was killed before he achieved it. [7] The castle was saved, but the defenders were nearly obliterated. [8]

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