Hiruma Katsuhito 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 716

Hiruma Katsuhito was a hohei of the Crab Clan.

Family Edit

Hiruma Shihime was aunt to Katsuhito. [1]

Death Edit

Katsuhito was appointed at Shiro Hiruma, they were severely attacked by the Shadowlands, lost control of the castle walls, and retreated to the third floor of the fortress. They hid the wounded inside rice urns while they fought. Katsuhito died in the Fall of Shiro Hiruma, sixteen days after he left Kyuden Hida. [2]

Journal Edit

Katsuhito wrote a journal of the time he spent serving at Shiro Hiruma, which was lost after the siege. It was recovered from a rice urn after the failed Battle for Shiro Hiruma in 819. The accounts made Katsuhito widely known at Crab dojos, an example to be learned by untrained bushi in the Shadowlands warfare. [1]


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