Hiruma Kagemusha was a scout of the Crab Clan. During a mapping mission near the southern reaches of the Twilight Mountains his party was attacked by an ogre. The creature quickly killed many of his comrades, and Kagemusha saved his life thanks to the ambush the ogre suffered from a nezumi pack. The ratlings not only assaulted the ogre from every direction, they also dragged away a wounded bushi. Kagemusha was startled that these creatures had exposed their lifes for the samurai. He allowed the Nezumi to claim the fallen men's armor and gear, although Kagemusha took care to return their daisho to their families. The scout wished to strengthen the bond between the two races. Unknown to him the nezumi had come from Ch'tppu'kich, which had tunnels allowing the nezumi to dart quickly from one concealed opening to the next, jabbing at enemies with spears or other weapons. [1]


  1. Way of the Ratling, pp. 138-139

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