Hiruma Iku was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Kuni Satoshi Edit

Since his friend Kuni Satoshi had returned from a scouting mission in the Shadowlands in 785, he awoke each morning restless and aching, with nightmares of a fabled creature. One day he did not remind the name of the Crab witnesses, another day he could not remember how to wear his sword, and he began to grow weak. [1]

Eater of Dreams Edit

Baku no Oni 2

Satoshi haunted by a Baku no Oni

Iku feared for his friend and did not leave his side. Eventually he saw a ghostly shape passing through the wall and sat upon his chest. It was a Baku no Oni, an Eater of Dreams. The next night Iku prepared a trap with jade which forced the Baku to assume its true form, allowing the creature to be killed by weapons. [1]

Traitor's death Edit

Satoshi managed to remember that Kuni Kenichi had denied the usual Tea of Jade Petals supply during his foray in the tarnished lands. Iku believed it was instrumental in the appearance of the oni, so he accused Kenichi, who was executed as a traitor. [1]


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